The YSI AquaViewer App displays real time sensor and auxillary data acquired from YSI continuous monitoring aquaculture instruments – 5200A, 5400 and 5500D. Never be in the dark again in regards to your facilities water quality conditions.

YSI AquaViewer App is available soon in the Apple App Store.  Never be without your crucial water quality data at your aquaculture facility again!  Go to the App Store and search AquaViewer to download the app.

aquaviewer 4

The YSI AquaViewer App displays real time sensor and aux data acquired from  YSI 5200A5400 and 5500D instruments. Data can be displayed from virtually anywhere using Wi-Fi connectivity over both Lan and Wan networks. Colors are used at App instrument and sensor screens which provide a quick visual regarding node system conditions. Red indicates an alarm condition, yellow indicates a control condition and green (at sensor screen) and black (at instrument screen) indicate an acceptable operating range node system condition. The setup screen is straightforward to configure. Communication occurs either by directly connecting to YSI instrument via Xport device or via communication connection to a PC running AquaManager PC software.