Feed Smart feed timer for Aquaculture Monitors Models 5200A and 5400

Manages Feed Delivery

  • Standard in YSI 5200A and 5400 continuous monitors
  • Setup from monitor menu or from AquaManager desktop software
  • Can be used with most powered feeders
  • Up to 100 feedings per day
  • Can decrease feed amounts by user defined % based on DO, Temperature and pH values
  • Increases feed amount on a daily basis using the user defined FCR (Feed Conversion Ratio)
  • Feed amounts are determined by “rate based” calculation and a simple one-step calibration process
  • Multiple modes of operation for versatility; Continuous or Timed Modes and can be used with or without FCR and Parameter Control functions
  • Units of measure; ounce (oz), pounds (lbs), kilogram (kg), gram (g)